Oxlease Methodist Church

  • (map)
  • Sunday Service:  9.30 am 
  • Ministers: Revd Rosemary Mutopo


    We are a group of Christians and are part of the Methodist Church.

    Our lives have been changed by knowing God in Jesus Christ.  We believe  
    Jesus gives us the fullest understanding of God and shows us a way of life 
    which brings fulfilment, peace and joy.  We also believe the way of Jesus 
    is an answer to the violence and injustices in the world – if only people
    would follow him!  

    Come and find out more.  We are not here for people who have all the 
    answers.  We are here for people who have questions.  We are here to listen
    to you and to share with you the insights we have about Christian faith.

    We work closely with other Christian churches and organizations.  We also
    support good relations between all faiths, and affirm the good in people of 
    any faith or none.  Whoever you are you are welcome here!